Three Kittens: A Business Fable


IN a pet orphanage, three kitten friends are talking to each other.

“I heard there’s someone coming over today who’s interested in adopting one of us,” Cathy said.

“Really? Now that’s exciting,” Catlin replied. “I can’t wait to get out of here and finally have a home.”

“Me too,” Catrina answered. “So I guess we better prepare. I’ll practice my dance moves now so when the humans come, they’ll see how talented I am and choose me.”

“Yes, that’s why I’ve been practicing since last night,” Cathy remarked. “I prepared a lovely song for the humans when they come. I hope they’ll like my singing.”

“That’s great Cathy. How about you Catlin? What are you doing to do to impress the humans?” Catrina asked.

“I’m not as talented as the two of you, so I guess I’ll just sit here in my cage and try to look my best,” Catlin answered.

“Oh, too bad but good luck anyway,” wished Cathy.

After a while, a girl and her mother came inside the pet orphanage. The three kitten friends got excited and prepared.

The girl walked toward Catrina, who was doing some tumbles and turns. “Look Ma, a dancing cat!” the girl exclaimed. Then Cathy began singing and the girl said to her mother, “This cat is also talented! She’s singing some lovely kitten song.”

Then the mother and daughter saw Catlin, who was gazing at them with those kitten eyes and just sitting quietly inside her cage. The daughter’s heart skipped and said, “Awwww, how cute this one is. Mom, can we adopt her?”

“Sure,” the mother replied. “Let me just talk to the manager.”

The lesson

CATS are not famous for dancing and singing, except maybe in Broadway.

But in reality, people get them as pets primarily because they’re cute. This is the reason Catlin got chosen in the end.

Fancy gimmicks and promotions may catch your market’s attention, but what sells is the real value of your products. Show that to your audience and they’ll buy.


Fitz Villafuerte is a registered financial planner of RFP Philippines. To learn more about personal-financial planning, attend the 72nd RFP program this October 2018.

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