Eight Reasons Your Financial Life With Your Wife Is Miserable


Remember that a husband is the counterpart of the wife. Behind every successful man, it is said, is a woman.

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It takes two to tango — A happy, contented and lasting relationship is built on trust, openness and honesty. Remember that a husband is the counterpart of the wife. Behind every successful man, it is said, is a woman. These are the reasons your financial life may be at risk.

1. You Love Secrets

Every man likes to have some thrill in their marriage, but will happen if he leaves his partner behind groping in the dark? Your wife is your other half so as to become whole. The right hand should know what the left hand is doing and as a result, a harmonious relationship is achieved. Each should share in household chores, most especially in matters concerning money. Discussing money matters betrays your core values. Shared values are important, especially when shared in an honest and open relationship. The end goal is to help your wife understands you better.

2. You Love to Do It Alone

In John Donnes’s Meditation 17 he said, “No living creature is an island entire of itself; every living creature is a piece of a continent, a part of the main.” The surest way to bring your family finances to ruin is to act lone wolf style. It really takes two to tango. Settling down and having a wife means having a partner in shaping and embracing a new life together. On family finances, when a husband tries to carry all the load on his shoulder without asking his partner for help could breed mistrust and doubts.

3. You Lack Communication

Husband should guide his wife and his family in handling family finances. He should prove strong and firm. This doesn’t mean communicating through words only but also by example. The lack of communication could confuse and often suffocate relationships. If you cannot express things verbally, then express them through action. Remember to act like you want to win or you end up at the bottom of the pit.

4. Your Ego is Way Bigger Than You

The main thing about being a man is the natural tendency to compete. Sometimes a stay-at-home husband cannot accept the fact that his wife is the primary financial generator of the family. One does not work with one’s partner as well as one should, and this is simply bad behavior. It’s not good to let others see your weakness. When you restrain your ego that quickly solves the many issues and you learn and move

5. You are Competing with Your Wife

Your wife is not your competitor but your partner. You are a team and as a team, you have one common goal. Your relationship with the fiancée or wife will be strained if you don’t share your fears or vision of the future. Your finances matter, because relationships are long term and this is about the future. It is not the lack of money that’s causing the strain. Rather, it is the lack of understanding that tears your relationship apart.

6. You Don’t Have a Plan

Men are natural leaders. You cannot lead when you yourself don’t know where to go. You should define your goals and look beyond what you have today. Stress the importance of your plan to your partner by involving her in every decision you make since she is a part of your life-long plan.

7. You Are Fearful

Fear is contagious, and it will eat you up. Once you are consumed by your fears, it will let you down. The more you battle your fears, the better you become in the future. Fear is causing you to procrastinate on things you need to do because you are afraid of failure. When you face your own fears, the dreams turn into reality. Take charge.

8. You Don’t Trust Your Wife

When you have trust issues, you always have doubts. This is important when dealing with money issues. It will be difficult to let your partner handle your money if you do not trust her enough to manage your household finances. When you fail to identify these things quickly, there will be more trouble.

david-isaiah-angwayDavid Isaiah Angway is a registered financial planner of RFP Philippines. He is a Fraud Risk Ops Analysts and have an excellent attention to detail and concern for all aspects of the job. He is also a columnist at Business Mirror.

Source: http://www.businessmirror.com.ph/2016/08/15/eight-reasons-your-financial-life-with-your-wife-is-miserable/



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